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9350 Resolution Results

Comparisons between the superseded 'S' & the latest 'SP' adaptor pairs for the AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Modular system.

The 'SP' adaptor pairs for Nikon and Canon dSLR's offer the end-user the following additional benefits:

  • Provides edge-to-edge sharpness
  • No image vignetting on most SLR platforms
  • Very fast relay optics for faster speed exposures - up to 12 stops!

These latest benefits are additional to the following unique features of the AstroScope 9350 system:

  • Maintain the use of the original host camera’s objective lenses to uphold extremely high resolution imaging
  • Maintains the benefits of the host camera’s features such as:
    * image stabilisation
    * auto focus
    * electronic zooming function (where available)

Older 'S' SLR pairs

New 'SP' SLR pairs

Superseded 'P' dSLR pairs

Current 'SP' dSLR pairs