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How Night Vision Works – Part 2

Today, the most popular and well known method of performing night vision is based on the use of image intensifiers. Image intensifiers are commonly used in night vision goggles and night scopes. More recently, on-chip gain multiplication CCD cameras have become popularized for performing low-light security, surveillance and astronomical observation.

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Optics 1 release COTI small clip on thermal imager providing 'thermal overlay' for NVD's & NVG's.

Optics 1 USA release COTI small clip on thermal imager which provides 'thermal overlay' for NVD's & NVG's.

COTI easily attaches to existing Night Vision Devices (NVD's) to enhance/provide additional capabilities. Low power consumption, optimal sensor technology, and high-performance optics integrate seamlessly to provide state-of-the-art long-wave infrared technology.

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