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Heads-up on new JSC Katod MNV-K FOM2000 Night Vision Goggles

Features & benefits of JSC Katod MNV-K FOM2000 Night Vision Goggles -

  • Lightwieght Night Vision Goggles - weighing a mere 595grams
  • Night Vision Goggles supplied with a head mount complete with auto off / auto on flip up capability and is easy to operate
  • Low battery indicator & IR-'on' indicator in viewfinder field-of-view
  • Optional ‘safety photo sensor’ prevents accidental operation during daylight
  • IR illuminator 'on' in eyepiece
  • Low battery indicator in eyepiece
  • Immersion 0.5m (30 minutes)
  • Available with 56 different image intensification/night vision tube options
  • Up to 40hrs from 1x AA battery
  • Auto Brightness Control (ABC) and Flash Protection
  • Optional Manual Gain
  • Operates on 2x AA or CR123 battery
  • Shock resistance - 5G
  • Construction - corrosion resistant materials    
  • Dioptre adjustment
  • Operating temperature -50°C - +55°C 
  • Tube MTBF - 10,000hrs

The MNV-K is one of many Night Vision Products from JSC Katod, an OEM Night Vision manufacturer since 1959

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