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Product release announcement - MUNSTI Clip-On In-Line Thermal Sniper Sight

MUNSTI is a state of the art lightweight, compact & high performance uncooled Thermal Imaging clip-on sight for use in front of any daytime optical sight with magnifications 16X and more, making MUNSTI ideally suitable for sniper weapons, anti-materiel weapons & any weapon where the end-user needs to leave the daysight in place.

MUNSTI Thermal Imaging clip-on sight allows detection ranges up to 2760m (man) & 7000m (vehicle), allowing the operator to attach  instantly by it's over-centre throw lever shock absorber base on  the weapons Picatinny rail, switching on to use within eight seconds without affecting the 'zero' of the day sight.

MUNSTI is available with either Thermal Detectors of 384x288 Standard Definition (SD), 640x480 High Definition (HD) or a choice of optics giving either 7 degrees (125 mils) or 12 degrees (210 mils) horizontal fields of view.

Affordable & virtually maintenance free, MUNSTI is fully featured simple & intuitive push button controls make MUNSTI the ideal choice for Special Forces, Special Ops, Police elite units & regular forces requiring the best in Thermal Imaging sights.

As a stand-alone surveillance device, Standard Definition (SD) versions incorporate a 2X electronic zoom providing additional fields of view of 3.5 degrees or 6 degrees depending on the Germaniium lens.

Similarly High Definition (HD) 
versions incorporate zooms of 2X and 4X, providing the operator with 3.5 & 1.75 degrees 6 & 3 degrees additional fields of view.

MUNSTI is designed, developed and manufactured by Pyser-SGI UK and requires only a UK export licence.

MUNSTI isn't regulated under ITAR controls.

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