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Pyser-SGI UK introduce the PNP-Mi & PNP-MCi Night Vision Devices.

Pyser-SGI UK introduce the PNP-Mi & PNP-MCi Night Vision Devices.

Both pieces of kit have the unique features of the PNP Night Vision Device range including C mount interchangeable lenses on the PNP-MCi, HOWEVER both units now incorporate the following unique beneficial ancillary features -

* Unique to the industry, incorporates a 75mW IR illuminator - 4x more powerful than all other NVD’s map reading illuminators. The additional invisible 810nm IR illumination provides up to 20m of unseen ‘to the naked eye’ luminosity – a critical tactical advantage! A red LED in the eyepiece illuminates when the IR illuminator is on as does a yellow LED when a low battery state occurs.

* The unique in-built ‘safety photo sensor’ prevents accidental operation during daylight by terminating power to the Image Intensifier Tube, which otherwise, would typically irreparably damage the Tube. This protection, of course, does not activate in darkness in the case of bright flashes, vehicle headlights even at very short distances, nor in street lighting or inside illuminated confines.

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