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CATS 1500 IR Motorized Zoom Lens | Raymax Lens

CATS 1500IR Motorized Zoom Lens 
Also see CATS 300 30x Zoom & CATS 2000 100x zoom

The CATS 1500 lens is truly unique in it amazing capabilities, including, but not limited to – 

  • the capability to confirm a licence plate at 2km's BOTH DAY OR NIGHT
IR Capabilites

no requirement to manually swap in & out IR filters &/or no longer having to operate tandem separate day & night camera/lens configurations

Focal range
½” C 12.5-750 mm (25-1500mm w/2x extender)
Focus/Zoom motorised with presets
Video AI with manual override iris
60x magnification (120x with extender magnification)
114 (W) x 100.5 (H) x 293.6 (L) mm
3200grms (approx)
Input voltage
DC8 - 16V

  • includes lens controller