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Mini DANOS - Day & Night Observation System



Sensor System -
  • Thermal Camera
  • Image Intensified Night Vision Zoom Camera
  • Day Colour Zoom Camera

- Housed inside a Ruggedised, Compartmented, Airportable wheeled container 
- Motorised Pan/Tilt
- Rugged Waterproof LCD Monitor Station 
- Rapid Deployable Man Portable & Lightweight

From night time Image Intensified Night Vision/Thermal Imaging combination to day time Colour Day Camera/Thermal Imaging, Mini DANOS is a low cost man portable modular system for short and medium range applications in field and urban situations.

The lightweight system utilises selectable combinations of Thermal Imaging, Image Intensified Night Vision and colour zoom sensors.

Sensor combinations are selected and controlled remotely by the operator from a simple, user friendly control box which also operates the pan/tilt head.

The instantly selected sensor video image is displayed remotely on a rugged waterproof 6.4" high-resolution TFT LCD monitor.

Autonomous power is supplied from rechargeable battery pack or from any 12 VDC supply.

Supplied in ready to use Ruggedised IP66 housing ready.

Variable speed pan & tilt head.

Thermal Cameras 
Detector type: 320x240 Hybrid Ferroelectric Uncooled Staring Focal Plane Array.  
Spectral range 7-14 microns, NETD .08 degrees C 
NETD .08 degrees C. 
Polarity control black/white hot. 
Gain automatic/selectable. 
Environmentally protected IP66. 
Motorised focus. 
Composite PAL video output.

TIU2 75 
75mm F1 lens 
Angle of view 12° horizontal 
Angle of view 9° vertical 
Minimum focus 2m

TIU2 100 
100mm F1 lens 
Angle of view 9° horizontal 
Angle of view 6.6° vertical 
Minimum focus 4m

Night Vision Image Intensified Camera 
High resolution monochrome 1/2" CCD. 
570 TV lines, Composite PAL output. 

10mm - 160mm F2.5 16x zoom ratio lens 
Motorised zoom & focus 
Environmentally protected IP66. 
Supplied with Gen 2+, HyperGen, XD-4, XH72 or XR5 Image Intensifier Tubes.

Day Camera 
High resolution 1/3" CCD colour sensor, 0.2 Lux. 
480 TV Lines, Composite PAL output. 

10mm - 160mm F2.5 16x zoom ratio lens 
Motorised zoom & focus 
Environmentally protected IP66.


Modular 3 sensor head comprising: 
- Thermal Imaging camera 
- Night Vision Image Intensified Camera 
- Day Colour Camera 
Motorised Pan/Tilt Head 
Rugged Tripod 
Control Box 
Rechargeable 12V battery in camo pouch 
TFT LCD Monitor


* Rugged waterproof TFT LCD 6.4" monitor. 
* Detachable sunshade. 
* Composite PAL video input via BNC connector. 
*Video output via BNC connector for on forward microwave/fibre optic transmission or video recording

* Australian & New Zealand procurements - 
There are dispensations of UK Ministry of Defence export restrictions for resident purchases by non-government end users ~ re-export from Australia requires both Australian Department of Defence licencing ( and UK Ministry of Defence permissions.