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Night Vision Scopes Monoculars

Product Description

Night Vision Scopes

Night Vision Scopes are additionally commonly referred to as Night Vision Devices (NVD’s) and Night Vision Monoculars.

Since the early 1950’s, night vision in one form or another of technical configuration, whether Gen 0, Gen I, Gen II to today’s Gen III are typically utilised within Defence (land, sea & air) & Law Enforcement intelligence gathering scenarios where end-user needs to operate in low light conditions, only exploiting available ambient light or by supplementing with auxiliary invisible infrared lighting, typically either laser & LED.

A short History of Night Vision Devices can be found at

Night Vision Scopes fall into 3 categories: Night Vision Modules, Night Vision Goggles and Night Vision Devices.

NVD’s are typically used hand-held, head-mounted or in conjunction with camcorders &/or dSLR’s or night-time gathering.

Night Vision Modules are designed specifically for capturing very high resolution images when used with still cameras & camcorders.

Night Vision Goggles are low-light surveillance devices most often used when driving or in an ‘observation point’, although there are specific configurations designed for aviation applications.

It is not uncommon when buying Night Vision from on-line sellers to see blatant cases of Image Intensifier Tube substitution... see for more information.

Night Vision variations include:
Night Vision Modules
Night Vision Devices
Night Vision Goggles

The mix of Night Vision kit are available in a multitude of gradings of Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT), which have a variety of resolution & sensitivity. Please see the following for more information -

For more info on our Night Vision, please see:

Night Vision Devices -
MNV-S Night Vision Device
MNV-K Night Vision Device
PNP-Mi Night Vision Device
PNP-MCi Night Vision Device with interchangeable 'C' mount lenses

Night Vision Module -
AstroScope 9350

Night Vision Intensification Module -
NIM Night Intensification Module

Night Vision Goggles -
MNV-K - Night Vision Goggles
MNV-S - Night Vision Goggles
PNG-M Night Vision Goggles
PNP-MG Night Vision Goggles