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DFAT Sanctions Section allows imports of Katod Gen 3 Night Vision kit for Australian State & Federal

2014 November: Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade commenced deliberating on imports into Australia of Katod Siberia Night Vision Devices, Night Vision Goggles & Image Intensifier Tubes.

2015 October: DFAT Sanctions Section advised Katod Night Vision kit is permitted to be imported into Australia. Import privileges are restricted to Australian government ~ State & Federal Law Enforcement agencies procurements only (no exemptions).

This is excellent news for agencies with limited budgets, seeking the best Night Vision kit at a very affordable outlay.

Katod Night Vision kit is 30%+ more economical, yet with all the features & more (including a large range of mission critical options *) of other kit, without any compromise of quality or performance, thus enabling you to equip more of your crew with Katod state-of-the-art high-end Gen 3 Night Vision.

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